Kannekar Butt President of Montessori Association of Thailand

by 01 Aug 2023IMC2023, MAT

Thailand’s educational landscape has undergone significant reform since the passage of the Reform Act of 1999. In 2004, a Pilot Project for the Development of The Child’s Potential brought the Montessori approach to the forefront of educational innovation in seven small government schools.
The impact of the Montessori method was profound, drawing the attention of 60 Thai officials and private educators who eagerly participated in the 25th International Montessori Congress held in Sydney, Australia the following year. This prestigious event not only enriched their understanding but also fueled their passion to revolutionize education in Thailand.
One of the driving forces behind the Montessori movement in Thailand is Dr. Kannekar Butt. Her visionary leadership and unwavering dedication have played a pivotal role in promoting Montessori principles throughout the country. In recognition of her contributions, she was interviewed by Mirka, an esteemed educator leading the Montessori Institute Prag, during the AGM in Amsterdam.
As anticipation builds, the Montessori community in Thailand looks forward to the upcoming AMI Congress hosted in their country. This landmark event promises to be an extraordinary gathering of like-minded educators from around the world, fostering a global exchange of innovative ideas and practices.
To be part of this transformative experience, we invite you to visit the official AMI Congress website and secure your ticket in advance. Embrace the opportunity to witness Dr. Kannekar Butt’s insightful interview and join the movement that is shaping the future of education in Thailand and beyond. Don’t miss this chance to be inspired and contribute to the bright future of education!