Language Acquisition (Montessori)

by 01 Aug 2023Glossary

Language Acquisition (Montessori)

Language Acquisition in Montessori education is a critical aspect of a child’s development, deeply rooted in both their natural inclinations and the guidance provided by the educational environment. It involves a process that goes beyond merely learning to speak, encompassing writing, reading, and understanding.[1]


Montessori’s Five Steps to Language Acquisition

Maria Montessori identified a progressive, five-step pathway towards language acquisition that encompasses both passive and active learning:

Spoken Language: Children unconsciously absorb the language of their surroundings, forming an internal dictionary. Phonemic Awareness: Children learn the sounds within words and the symbols representing those sounds in the alphabet. Creating Words (Writing): Children learn to combine sounds and symbols to form words. Reading: Children learn to decode symbols and sounds to decipher words. Reading for Meaning: Children develop comprehension skills, understanding the meaning behind what they read.[2]