Montessori Thailand now on Wikipedia

by 11 Jul 2023Montessori Map, Montessori Thailand, Wikipedia

Montessori Thailand now on Wikipedia

We’ve been hard at work enhancing the Montessori in Thailand Wikipedia page! Now, you’ll find a comprehensive table listing all Montessori Schools in Thailand, complete with location details for easy access. School names link to their websites or to their pages on when a website isn’t available. Explore, provide feedback, and ensure your contact details are correct for seamless communication.

Your enthusiastic participation has been absolutely vital in the continuous development of the detailed and comprehensive Wikipedia page for Montessori in Thailand. With a journey that began back in 2015/2016, this page has become a rich source of knowledge for everyone interested in the Montessori movement in our beautiful country. This incredible project took shape while preparing for the International Asian Montessori Conference in Hong Kong in 2017. Since then, the page has been evolving, thanks to the collective efforts of our community.

You can view the most recent version of our Wikipedia page right here: Montessori in Thailand

The page now boasts up-to-date distribution maps, showing locations of all the Montessori schools that we’ve been able to track. A special shout-out to Khun Boonlert Tippachara and Maria Euamporn, whose valuable input helped immensely in locating schools in the Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai area.

Although the current maps are static, we are striving towards a more dynamic future. Our goal is to introduce an interactive map that will present all schools at a glance. We acknowledge the patience required as we iron out the technical glitches and promise it will be worth the wait!

We kindly ask for your help in verifying the details of your schools in our database. We appreciate your feedback on any inconsistencies so we can ensure the most accurate representation.

The project continues to grow and we are calling for your expert contributions in specific areas. If you have knowledge on:

The history of Montessori schools in Northern Thailand, specifically in Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai

Montessori’s influence in North Eastern Thailand (Isan), particularly the development of public schools in the Khon Kaen area

Montessori’s historical presence in the Bangkok Metropolitan Area

The evolution of Montessori in Southern Thailand,

please consider sharing your insights! Your contribution will help in expanding these sections and inspire others to learn more about our Montessori community.

On a technical note, we’ve found that many Montessori schools have only a Facebook page. While it’s a fantastic tool, it does pose some limitations for referencing on platforms like Wikipedia. As a workaround, we’ve found that subdomain redirects, as shown in the examples here:

seem to work efficiently and are well-accepted.

Lastly, we suggest that your school’s location data on Google Maps and OpenStreetMap be as accurate and complete as possible. This will significantly enhance the visibility of your school globally.

Remember, it’s the collective power of our community that brings about growth and change. Let’s continue to build, share, and expand the wealth of knowledge we have about Montessori in Thailand. Your valuable contributions are always welcome!

(Just to paint a picture of the efforts involved – collecting the location data spanned over months and creating the maps took two fun-filled weeks on Wikipedia, with each week comprising 7 full days that extended past midnight. But, the joy of seeing it all come together was absolutely worth it!)

Looking forward to seeing your continued involvement and engagement. Together, let’s keep the Montessori spirit alive and flourishing in Thailand!