Montessori Thailand’s New Website (2023)

by 11 Jul 2023Montessori Thailand, Montessori X

Montessori Thailand’s New Website (2023)

Montessori Thailand’s new Website is online

We are thrilled to unveil the new website for Montessori Thailand, the cornerstone for all Montessori schools and enthusiasts residing and working in Thailand, as well as those contemplating joining us or supporting the development of Montessori education in Thailand.

Since our initial website launch in 2004, it’s been a rewarding journey. Now, almost 20 years later, it’s time to revitalize our efforts. We aim to amalgamate all that we’ve learnt over the years to inspire others, share our knowledge with the world, particularly with other ASEAN countries, and foster global Montessori collaborations. Welcome to our new era of Montessori in Thailand!

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